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NZQA student login page

What is an NSN?

Te Kura students are identified on our student database with a Te Kura student ID. Students will also have a number to identify them with NZQA. This is called a National Student Number (NSN). If you do not know your NSN, contact your learning advisor or subject teacher.

Where can I see my results?

Te Kura's online student reports portal shows the provisional internal results you’ve gained from internal assessments with us.

Internal results are regularly updated on your NZQA student login page from April until December. External results will be available on your NZQA login page from mid-January.

How do I find out if I have passed my NCEA?

From mid-January, check your NZQA student login to view your results, including your exam results and the award of any qualifications.

What is a New Zealand Record of Achievement? 

The official record of all your paid results is called a New Zealand Record of Achievement. Not Achieved results are not included. It will show merit and excellence endorsements if gained by you for an NCEA certificate or achieved, merit or excellence for an individual course. The NCEA results you gain this year will be updated in your New Zealand Record of Achievement next January.

How can I get a copy of my NCEA or New Zealand Record of Achievement?

You order a paper copy through your NZQA student login. The first copy is free and subsequent copies cost $15.30.


Internally assessed results

I don’t agree with my internal result. What can I do?

You should request your subject teacher review the marking of the assessment. If the grade remains unchanged and you are still not satisfied, you have one month (from the time you received the marked work back from your teacher) to make a formal appeal. The appeal must be made in writing and addressed to the Principal’s Nominee at Te Kura. Download the Student Assessment Appeal form.


Externally assessed standards

Do I have to sit end of year exams?

It depends on your goals for NCEA and if you want to be eligible for course endorsement. Talk with your learning advisor to see what’s best for you.

Do I need an end of year exam admission slip?

If you register for end of year exams, you’ll be posted an exam admission slip in late October. 

If you do not receive one by the beginning of November, contact our Qualifications Team on 0800 65 99 88 option 3.

You must take this, together with photo ID to each of your end of year exams. 

What if I can’t sit my external assessment?

You can apply for derived grades if you are registered for external standards and, for an approved reason are:

Approved reasons just before or during the exam include:

If you think this applies to you, contact our Qualifications team to discuss eligibility on 0800 65 99 88 option 3.  We will send you an application form.

Learn more about derived grades on the NZQA website.

What is an unexpected event grade?

If a significant event (e.g. earthquake) occurs which prevents you from sitting an exam or impairs your performance in an exam, NZQA will use Unexpected Event Grades. These are based on Te Kura grades awarded in your practice exams. Schools, not students, will make bulk applications for a single event.


NCEA registration

How do I register my NCEA credits?

If you wish to register for externally assessed standards, you will need to submit an online registration. 

We will send you some instructions when our NCEA Registration facility opens in June.

Your internally assessed results will be regularly and automatically reported to NZQA from April each year.

What if I need my results early for university or similar?

If you need this year’s results to show in your New Zealand Record of Achievement earlier than next January (e.g. applying for the defence force or an apprenticeship, or to university for semester two) contact our Qualifications team on 0800 65 99 88 option 3 as soon as possible.

Our Qualifications team will make a special request for the early release of your results. This can take up to three weeks after you have confirmed you have finished gaining all your credits.

When an early release application is made to NZQA, you cannot enter for external assessments, or continue to gain credits with us during the rest of the school year. You will also need to withdraw from our roll.

I am enrolled at another secondary school but studying some NCEA courses with Te Kura.  Do I have to register with Te Kura?

Your own school will report your internal results to NZQA as well as register you for any externally assessed standards for your Te Kura courses.

I was enrolled at another secondary school earlier this year.  Do I need to register again?

Internal results awarded by your previous school this year and any external standard registration will be withdrawn at NZQA. This means you must submit an online registration through Te Kura to re-activate your external standards registration with NZQA.

Where can I see my results at NZQA?

Log in to your NZQA student login page:

Internally assessed results are regularly reported to NZQA during the year. These will show in the home page of your NZQA student login. 

This year’s results will be updated in your Record of Achievement next January, along with the release of any externally assessed results.