About Te Kura

Watch the following video to see who we are:

Te Kura is a state-funded distance education provider that offers a wide range of personalised learning programmes and courses, from early childhood to NCEA Level 3, which are mostly delivered online. Students can enrol for a few credits in a specific course or for a full-time programme. Students of all ages are welcome, as long as they meet our eligibility criteria.

As New Zealand's largest state school, Te Kura offers a wide range of subjects and courses. We have regional offices in Wellington, Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch. Our staff also work in communities where there are clusters of Te Kura students, such as Whangarei, Hastings and Nelson. This helps us to work with communities to support students’ learning.

At Te Kura, we tailor your learning programme to fit your needs, so you can learn your way. Where do you want to study today: home? a café? The choice is yours. We encourage Students to take control of their learning and work out what best suits them. Our teachers are able to work closely with you one-to-one, and assess how you’re doing as you go, adapting your learning material accordingly.

Free for eligible students aged 19 and under

Enrolment with Te Kura is free if you meet the Ministry of Education’s eligibility criteria. Young adults aged 16 to 19 (and not turning 20 in the year of enrolment) who are not enrolled at another school full-time can enrol with us for free too. Our courses are also available for a small fee to adults aged 20 and over.

Students who are at a face-to-face school can study courses that aren’t available at their own school. Some eligibility criteria apply.


Our early childhood programme follows the national early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki, while our Year 1–13 programme is based on the New Zealand Curriculum. At Years 11–13 we offer registered, accredited and approved courses in many subjects and at all levels of NCEA.

Personalised support

You are supported through:

If you are a full-time or early childhood student, you’re also required to have a nominated supervisor to help you keep on track. This is usually a parent or close relative.

Contact with students and teachers

Although Te Kura is a distance school, you won’t feel alone. You will get the opportunity to interact with other students at event days, subject days and advisories. You’ll also share and exchange ideas with your teachers and fellow students through discussions on My Te Kura, our online learning environment.

Our teachers will stay in close contact with you, including ongoing face-to-face meetings if you need it.

Interactive online learning

Most of our courses are online or include supplementary online resources, particularly at Years 7–13. Each online course includes interactive online modules featuring audio-visual resources, quizzes and other online activities to check your understanding and reinforce your learning. You’ll have the support of your teachers and other students through discussion forums, where you can share ideas and work collaboratively. There are also plenty of offline activities.