Student reports

Reporting to students and family

Reporting on your progress in learning is one of our key responsibilities. Up until Term 4, 2020 we have done this in two blocks of reports - once in the middle of the year and once at the end of the year.  

A move to continuous reporting

Te Kura has a continuous model of reporting. What this means for you is that we will provide you with feedback on your learning throughout the year. Continuous reporting will help you understand how you are doing, and what your next steps are.

Continuous reporting will come in three forms to reflect the full range of learning you are involved in at Te Kura: 

  1. Feedback on work submitted via Dropbox, including NCEA results
  2. Engagement feedback, including work you may complete at forum ako, Leaving to Learn activities, the online timetable of classes, online programs etc.
  3. Feedback within My Korowai on Te Kura Mātāpono, your development of dispositions for living, wellbeing and learning.

More about Te Kura Mātāpono

Te Kura Mātāpono are the principles we follow when working with you. These principles help you develop ways of approaching your learning, work, social, sporting and cultural activities - all of the things you do in your everyday lives. 

School of Principles Descriptor
Kotahitanga - show care for yourself and others and your wellbeing in mind, body and soul
Whaitake - be curious and take part in learning that interests you and is part of your goals and dreams
Empowerment - use your own voice to make choices and decisions about your learning
Sense Making│Creative Thinking│Innovation
Understanding - keep working to understand and build new skills and new learning
Relationships - work with others and make connections that help you to be a strong learner

How to access continuous reporting 

  1. Go into each of your courses in My Te Kura (including My Korowai, if available). 
  2. Click on 'My Stuff' in the Navigation bar then click on 'My Reporting'. 

From here you can see feedback and results. There is also a 'Print' button which allows you to save the report as a PDF. We recommend that you do this at the end of each year (or earlier if you leave Te Kura mid-year).

For more detailed information, watch the following video about continuous reporting.